The Process

The process of meat smoking stands as a key element of the diet of many peoples. In the past it presented a means of subsistence for many rural families, whereas now it occupies a prominent place on any feast day in various regions of the country.

Quinta dos Fumeiros smoked meat follows more than 75-years-old recipe of Campelo family, which produces traditional smoked and stuffed products in Ponte de Lima, the oldest and one of the most beautiful villages in northwestern regions of Portugal. Ponte de Lima is a favoured stop for pilgrims using Caminhos de Santiago on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Raw Material (ingredients)

- Over 75-years-old family recipe

- Carefully selected meat

- Immersions in vine of garlic marinade, based on garlic and special wine from Northern Portugal

- Distinctive smoke of holm oak.

Transformation Techniques

Each step of the meat transformation process is of great importance since strongly influences the flavour and aroma of the final product.

Meat Cutting

The first step in meat transformation process consists of correct meat cutting, which enables us to obtain the best pieces of meat for or products.


Marinating is the process of combining several ingredients with meat in order to define the specific flavour and texture of each meat product.

A certain quantity of meat requires a precise quantity of marinade ingredients that add value to the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The marinade ingredients are an essential part of the recipe, which has been a well-kept secret of Campelo family for decades.


Smoking is the final process of meat transformation.

Meat dehydration helps enhance the durability of the product and preserve its characteristic flavours and aromas.